OK Highway Patrol Captain George Brown says the best “tip” for women to not get raped by a cop is to “follow the law in the first place so you don’t get pulled over.” (Last third of the video).

Three serial rapists in 3 weeks arrested in Oklahoma, all cops.

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OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has arrested a state trooper accused of raping a Tulsa woman while on duty, KFOR reported.

Investigators with the patrol announced Monday they have completed their investigation and found enough evidence to move forward with criminal charges against state trooper Eric Roberts.

At a press conference Monday, OHP said there are three assault victims and three other questionable traffic stops. TrooperPicsComb

Investigators say the 16-year veteran trooper allegedly pulled them over in Creek County near Sapulpa with the intent to sexually assault them.

During all of those stops, officials say Trooper Roberts turned off his camera and microphone.


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This illustrates how innovation, entrepreneurship, and markets fix problems! We have no idea what we’re going to come up with to fix future problems. 

"I don’t need feminism, because if women in 1st world countries were actually oppressed, they wouldn’t be able to study how oppressed they are in college."

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If you give this sentiment 2 seconds of critical thought, you’ll find it is has absolutely zero merit. If there is an argument for not needing feminism, this is not it. Off the top of my head:

1. Sexism is not inherently linked to whether a country is defined as first or third world. 

2. Just because some countries may have a lesser degree of sexism compared to others, does not discount the degree of sexism that does exist.

3. You can champion women’s rights for all women in all countries at the same time, without discrediting those who may have it better.

4. It is ignorant to make statements like this - just because you personally might not need feminism, just because you personally may have not experienced it in your location on the globe, does not mean plenty of others have not.

5. If you apply this argument to other things, it’s equally, if not more, ridiculous. For instance, “I don’t need anti-racism movements because if black people in 1st world countries were actually oppressed, they wouldn’t be able to study how oppressed they are in college.” Hmm, there’s a lot of empirical evidence that would argue we still have a race problem in the United States, despite African American studies courses.

6. There’s also plenty of evidence that sexism is still a problem, too. Just because it is not as blatant as it once was, does not mean it does not exist.

7. Domestic abuse, sexual abuse, beauty standards, stereotypes, continue to be an issue for women.

8. Being feminist does not mean you do not recognize the advances that have been made, or the quality of life some women enjoy over others. However, moving on from a world drenched in sexism from the beginning of time is not a battle that that ended with suffrage. 

9. Generalizations are often very misleading. It’s not a matter of all women being oppressed. You can’t just say “if women….were actually oppressed” as if you know that every single woman in a first world country has not experienced sexism.

10. Way to continue discounting women struggles, you’re so groundbreaking, a pioneer, really.

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(via feministorfail)

(via feministorfail)