"I have yet another thought on how we can fix this. Why don’t we let the Democrats pass whatever they want? If they are the party of higher taxes, all the Republicans vote present and let the Democrats raise taxes as high as they want to raise them, let Democrats in the Senate raise taxes, let the president sign it and then make them own the tax increase. And when the economy stalls, when the economy sputters, when people lose their jobs, they know which party to blame, the party of high taxes. Let’s don’t be the party of just almost as high taxes.

In the House, they have to because the Democrats don’t have the majority. In the Senate, I’m happy not to filibuster it, and I will announce tonight on your show that I will work with Harry Reid to let him pass his big old tax hike with a simple majority if that’s what Harry Reid wants, because then they will become the party of high taxes and they can own it."

Rand Paul, in an interview on CNBC (via thefreelioness)

Rand, he’s up and down for me. Still, I guess better him than any number of potential republican senators. 

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I don’t think positively of this “method”.  Sit back and let them ruin it?

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I was just saying this last night.

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(via antigovernmentextremist)


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    They won’t own it. They’ll never own it. Nobody owns anything up there. If the economic recovery was hindered by the...
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